Showcasing Teacher Expertise

All schools have individuals on staff who have remarkable expertise. This expertise takes many forms from curriculum development, general pedagogical, pedagogical-content, leadership, motivational and relational expertise through to a deep understanding and knowledge of the organization itself.

From the perspective of the organization, we don’t always do a good job sharing and showcasing the individual talents we have on staff. Below is the first in a series of videos we are putting together that showcases the expertise that teachers and leaders have at our College. It is titled ‘Print Making’ with artist and teacher Greg Smith.

Greg shares,

“The print is called a ‘Solar Plate’ etching. The image is etched into a shallow UV-sensitive film on the surface of the plate.

The etching can be made from almost any source – drawing, photography etc. In this case, I made the etching from a drawing that I made in the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. The drawing is transferred onto acetate, then the plate is exposed to light with the acetate clamped between the plate and the light. The UV hardens the plate where the light penetrates, leaving the drawing etched at different levels, depending on the tone. Once exposed, the plate is simply washed in mildly soapy water to wash out the etch.

The plate can then be inked, wiped back – the ink is held to differing degrees of tone depending on the depth of the etch – and printed on the press.​”


Print Making from CLRI on Vimeo.

What strategies do you use at your place to showcase the diverse expertise you have on staff?

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