Little Big Planet – Contraption Challenge

Little Big Planet 2 is a multiplayer game that catapults the student into the role of developer/designer and producer. It gives the students an array of tools to build levels and then share them with the world. Using this game promotes 21st century skills such as problem solving, creativity, communication, collaboration and higher-order thinking. The game includes an accurate physics engine that allows exploration of a host of physical and mathematical concepts such as force, momentum, gravity, drift, scale, radius etc.

This is the second of many student activities I will be posting – enjoy.


*note – this activity is adapted from LBP Contraption Challenges

Portal 2 Student Activity

The first of a series of Portal 2 student activities – enjoy.


This is epic – Little Big Planet 2 ‘Inception’ Trailer.

Epic Science RPG

Quantum Victoria and La Trobe University are currently developing a science-based RPG. It will include a wealth of intriguing science-based puzzles/games wrapped into an exciting, compelling narrative in which students work towards an end goal linked to the narrative. The game has a back-end teacher assessment tool built in so teachers can see student progress.

Without giving too much away, the game consists of one large story arc, in which four characters (playable by the students) follow their goals of knowledge in four different worlds. Within the overall story, there will be sub-stories known as quests (together with sub-quests that are not central to the main story). Each character has at least 5 different quests, with the completion of each quest marking progress in the main storyline. The quest structure follows ‘The Hero’s Journey’ as described by Joseph Campbell in ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Upon completion of the quests for all four character stories, the player will be able to face a final challenge, requiring all four of their characters.  When the final quest is completed the game will unveil the denouement of the story.

Below are some screens of the game currently in development. We are currently brainstorming suitable names for this game – any suggestions appreciated!




Creative Innovation 2011

I have recently been the recipient of a scholarship to attend Creative Innovation 2011. From the media release,

Ten emerging leaders and innovators across Australia have been selected as scholarship winners from an enormous pool of talented applicants. They will attend Creative Innovation 2011 and present their innovation for the future to some of the biggest business thinkers in the world including legendary Dr. Edward de Bono, Daniel Dennett, Stephen Heppell and one of the USA’s top ten entrepreneurs and inventors Raymond Kurzweil.

Winners will also be able to rub shoulders with over 35 leading innovators and leaders and delegates from an enormous range of industries, government and business

The main theme for Creative Innovation 2011 is The challenges and opportunities of a super-connected world. To register your place for this amazing event held in Melbourne from November 16th-18th please visit:

Hope to see you there.