Moving Toward Balance

“Whatever your doing, your trajectory has to be toward happiness. There’s just no point otherwise.”

MOVE – A (very) Short Film About Trail Running from Darcy Turenne on Vimeo.

Late last year I started running again. I needed to find balance. Perspective. 

Work can become all consuming if you let it. You need to find a balance between interests outside of work, spending time with those who mean the most to you and scheduling plenty of down time. Once you get to that place, you rediscover why you do what you do.

The ability to have a positive influence on the development of young people is a privilege. This privilege requires that we have balance.  Balance enables the fire to keep burning brightly.

We owe that not only to ourselves but also our students.

One Chance

After having a discussion with a colleague about the illusion of choice versus actual choice in games, he directed me to a haunting flash game named One Chance that takes 5 minutes to play through and is best played with a set of headphones.

One Chance was developed by AwkwardSilenceGames. As the name suggests, it’s a game that you can only play once (however, by deleting your cookies & browsing history you can reply the game and I highly recommend it) and your choices have very real consequences. One can only describe it as an amazing experience.

I established a pretty strong emotional connection with this game and this is one of the main reasons I play games at the moment – this has evolved along side the evolution of games in general. I think this is true for any gamer who continues to play – you want to have an emotional investment with the narrative.

A basic synopsis of One Chance: You and your team have found a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, in six days, the world will end. What do you do?

Check it out.