Crumpler Kitchen

Crumpler has given away the pattern for one of their original messenger-style bags via an initiative called the Crumpler Kitchen. As a big fan of Crumpler, this seemed like a great opportunity for a project for our Year 5’s.

Beginning in term 3, this project will involve students:

  • Selecting an appropriate material.
  • Examining the pattern and scaling to size.
  • Sourcing approximately two meters of shoulder strap webbing, some Velcro, a clip or a buckle and something to adjust the strap length.
  • Learning to use a sewing machine.
  • Using 2D Design to design a Crumpler-esque badge for their bag. Similar to this one.
  • Sourcing some two-tone, light weight rubber for use on our Trotec laser cutter
  • Using the laser cutter to produce the badge for their bag
  • Hand-stitching the badge to their bag.

Students will show their creations to the Crumpler Team upon completion.

This is a real project that has process, product and audience and effectively uses technology to create something of value.

See our student handout – Crumpler Task

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