Resolving Homing Errors

From the MakerBot forums:

“A homing error occurs when the extruder nozzle doesn’t reseat properly after pressing against the build plate during homing. A message will appear on the LCD panel and will look similar to this:
HOMING ERROR. Homing failed. Your extruder nozzle may be stuck. Please try again.”

How to Resolve a Homing Error

  • Make sure your build plate is firmly in place and not crooked or resting on top of the platform.
  • Make sure your build plate tape adheres evenly to the build plate. The surface should be smooth, and the tape should completely cover the build plate.
  • On the control panel, navigate to Filament > Load Filament. Hold the Smart Extruder in place and try to push the filament through. You may want to grip the filament with a pair of pliers to help you push. Then choose Unload Filament. Loading and unloading filament will help align the nozzle.
  • If this does not resolve the error, you may need to reseat the nozzle. First, wait for the Smart Extruder to cool. Never touch the Smart Extruder while it is still heated. Once the nozzle has completely cooled, remove the Smart Extruder from the extruder carriage and hold it with the nozzle pointing upward. Press the nozzle down into the Smart Extruder. Move the nozzle gently back and forth and around in circles. Then release the nozzle. The base of nozzle should pop into place and stick out from the Smart Extruder.

A video explaining the process:

How To Resolve A Homing Error from MakerBot on Vimeo.

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