Teachers Are People

A classic 1952 cartoon titled “Teachers Are People” is interesting on a number of different levels.

It almost feels like a parody in how pertinent it is.

Quick observations:

  • The rhetoric of “Today, more than ever, school is playing an important role in preparing students…” is prevalent even in 1952 and will probably be common in every time period forseeable in the future
  • Student’s found school boring well before the internet & video games.
  • Society’s perception of teachers hasn’t changed. I find the casting of the teacher interesting (or maybe that’s reading into it to much…)
  • Student’s engaged in make-believe violence well before the advent of video games.
  • Kids will be kids. 1952 or 2013.
  • Encouraging kids to be ‘creative’ in 2013 is nothing new.
  • The teachers work is not done at the end of the school day (contrary to popular belief)
  • Parents will always be defensive of their own child. Sometimes mistakenly.

It’s only a cartoon, but gives insights into societies perceptions at the time. Give it a watch.

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