One Chance

After having a discussion with a colleague about the illusion of choice versus actual choice in games, he directed me to a haunting flash game named One Chance that takes 5 minutes to play through and is best played with a set of headphones.

One Chance was developed by AwkwardSilenceGames. As the name suggests, it’s a game that you can only play once (however, by deleting your cookies & browsing history you can reply the game and I highly recommend it) and your choices have very real consequences. One can only describe it as an amazing experience.

I established a pretty strong emotional connection with this game and this is one of the main reasons I play games at the moment – this has evolved along side the evolution of games in general. I think this is true for any gamer who continues to play – you want to have an emotional investment with the narrative.

A basic synopsis of One Chance: You and your team have found a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, in six days, the world will end. What do you do?

Check it out.

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