STEM: F1 in Schools

Quantum Victoria will be hosting the Victorian State Finals of the F1 in Schools Competition on the 8th & 9th of November 2012.

Having written about how I think this is an amazing STEM project before, this is the task that student teams embrace:

  • Design and manufacture a miniature F1 Car to travel down a 20m track in the shortest possible time using a specified amount of energy.
  • Utilise Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and wind tunnels to help perfect the aerodynamics of the design.
  • Utilise Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to increase sustainability and reliability of the design.
  • Utilise Rapid Prototyping strategies to help construct components of their car.
  • Develop a 20 page portfolio which highlights the design iterations undertaken, the innovation included in the design and the interaction they had with industry through the design process.
  • Develop a marketing and promotions plan to sell their team’s capabilities and end product to industry. This includes the development of a 3m x 1m display booth.
  • Generate sponsorship by promoting their capabilities to industry and then manage all budget items associated with their team
  • Implement a communications strategy to ensure that sponsors are kept informed of progress
  • Make a 10-minute formal presentation to a panel of judges on their project highlighting the work they have undertaken, their innovation and what they have learnt by participating in the project.
  • Present to a panel of Engineers their design, the manufacturing strategies they have adopted and the unique engineering technologies they have applied to the development of their car.

After all this their end goal is to:

  • Attempt to break the 1-second barrier over the 20-metre track.
  • Win the best Engineered Car award.

Good luck to Victorian schools Kyabram P-12 CollegeTrinity Grammar as they head to Abu Dhabi for the World Finals.


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