KickStarter: Approaching the Elephant

Approaching the Elephant is a proposed documentary by film-maker Amanda Wilder.

From KickStarter;

“Imagine attending a school where it’s up to you what you learn. No class is mandatory. Rules and judicial decisions are determined by democratic vote. Everyone from the youngest person, who could be as young as five years old, to the director of the school, has an equal say in how the school runs. Whether your response to this picture is, ‘I love it! Send me, this is my bag!’ or, ‘Horrible! Anarchy! Hogwash! Don’t tell me it’s real!’ I bet you’ll itch to know more. Free schools are rare birds, radically different from conventional models of ‘school.’ Approaching the Elephant takes its audience into a free school, and through carefully observed scenes cut and strung into an engaging story, invites viewers to fundamentally reconsider the rights of children and how we learn.”

This documentary would be a valuable addition to the larger narrative of the notion of ‘school.’

$8568 has been pledged so far of a goal of $14500 – if you would like to see this film made, please consider donating.

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